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Crowborough Caves Chronicle Issue 18 Crowborough Caves Chronicles Issue 18 Speleologist Drafty edition
This web page documents summarises all the latest reports about this famous but controversial grotto.

Welcome to the latest edition of this newsletter.

Our preparation for Christmas culminated with the enhanced lighting. The third Candle has made all the difference.

We have again asked the Scouts not to deliver Christmas cards to the Caves because as there is no one registered as living there.

By carbon dating we have proved the caves are 100,000 years old +/- 3 years in 2016 and therefore all our supporters raised a glass to celibate this centi-millennium anniversary.

It has been increasingly difficult to obtain flooding insurance for the caves.

The cave waters have run clear this winter because of the large amount of rain. Normally the stream is red (which we have always assumed was because of the Iron Oxide in the rocks but we have never been brave enough to test it).

The Solar panels in the roof look good, good to go green.

Fracking has been blamed for the increase in leaks

The photo of the AS -> markings on the wall were discovered by J. Verne

Any articles or photos by any visitors or would be visitors, would be most appreciated, get your name in lights. TWO Free tickets for the best entry.

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