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The famous Crowborough tourist attraction

Crowborough Caves Chronicle Issue 17 Crowborough Caves Chronicles Issue 17 Speleologist special edition
This web page documents summarises all the latest reports about this famous but controversial grotto.

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I've been asked to make it clear that members of SaS (Speleologists anonymous Society) are not necessarily members of SAS (Scouts Active Support) although many are.

Gold ore nodules


Tunnels built during the first world war by sappers


The latest extreme sport of Cave Cycling is proving very popular


Both Girls and Boys are most welcome to join our junior section of the SaS

Woodland around the caves will not be sold

Used by smugglers in the Crowborough area back in ye olde days

lunar eclipse photos 


SALT stocks are under less strain in East Sussex due to "Super Salt"

Crowborough caves are a bit of an urban legend, used as an ammo dump during World War II


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