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Crowborough Caves Chronicle Issue 16 Crowborough Caves Chronicles Issue 16 Version Daft
This web page documents summarises all the latest reports about this famous but controversial grotto.

Welcome to the latest edition of this newsletter, the volume of new articles continue to drip in, and the stalagmites and ‘tites continue to grow. Click here to read the full stories. All contributions are welcome, best rates paid!


Firstly I must apologise for the cavernous time since the last newsletter, mainly due to our reporters becoming lost in the labyrinth.


You will delighted to hear that the web site has maintained the caves status as one of the top Crowborough tourist attractions, thank you all for your continuing support.


In the recent cold weather our local naturist has a special report about the wild life down the cave, amazing photographs


Cutbacks to Council Budgets has resulted in the Rock Festival being postponed.


The caves were featured in a recent Sussex Life Magazine "Going Underground.  A labyrinth of caves run through the hillside around Crowborough, which are long forgotten to even the keenest local geologists.  Thanks to rising water table, many are inaccessible"


Mrs Trellis of Tunbridge Wells writes in to complain


Did Crowborough's prehistoric painters really paint 42? We leave it to you to judge!


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